Xebec Tech
We are a computer component designer and manufacturer committed to bringing you the most modern and innovative designs in the global computer market. Whether you are a simple home PC user, working in education, an advanced gamer or just use a computer in the office at work. We have a product that is right for you.

Our company name is derived the Xebec trading ships that, for hundreds of years, connected people and cultures in the Mediterranean and beyond. We have taken that vision to break through today’s technological boundaries. With wireless products from Xebec Tech, possibilities are suddenly greater.

At work or at home, our high quality products promise to transform the way you can use your computer – making your life more productive and more enjoyable.

Here at Xebec Tech we have been monitoring the computer component market for years. We have come up with products that haven't been seen by others yet. Mainly wireless, sleek in design and sophisticated.
We have staff with decades of experience in the computer trade. Being new to the manufacturing scene does not hamper our ability to bring you innovative and new products.

Xebec Tech is committed to designing and manufacturing unique products. We have an ever growing range. We have designers working all over the world including China and the UK alongside a manufacturing plant in the far east bringing you fantastic products.

You can buy Xebec Tech products from leading UK vendors. These vendors are listed on our "Where to buy" section.

With Xebec Tech, you won’t be held back. Freedom is at your fingertips.