htpc bluetooth
htpc bluetooth


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Introducing our second Bluetooth enabled keyboard. The famous and loved htpc is back but with an increased range of up to 15 metres using Bluetooth technology. It is now possible to enjoy the wonders that this versatile, light and compact keyboard with greater distances from your system.

The htpc is the ideal home theatre entertainment system solution. It is a mini keyboard with a whole host of built in function keys and specially adapted features.

To access the wonders of this keyboard. Your system will require a built in Bluetooth system. However if it doesn't have this, fear not-because via a Bluetooth dongle you can also enjoy the use of the htpc bluetooth.

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The htpc is the ideal controller for your home theatre entertainment systems. It is fundamentally a mini keyboard for home theatre use, ideal and specially developed for use with widows media centre enabled PC’s.

The htpc Bluetooth increases the range of operation by 50% compared to the previous 2.4GHz htpc. You can now control your home theatre system from an even greater distance.